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Handling of Customer Information

In order to receive this service, you will need to provide your personal information to Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc.

Please enter your personal information in the subsequent screens after agreeing to the following statement

Handling of Customer Information

Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. may use your personal information in providing this service and other operations, such as underwriting or determining payouts, providing supplementary services, making announcements and providing insurance/financial products and various other services, and carrying out surveys.

In addition, if you use this service to purchase an insurance policy or use a service related to an insurance policy you have already purchased, we may require, use, provide, or register your personal information as specified below within the scope necessary for us to conduct our business.

  1. For us to implement this service, we may provide/receive your personal information to/from our agents (including insurance agents), insurance brokers, medical institutions, entities who are involved in insurance claims and payouts, group companies and partner companies, etc.

  2. For the sound operation of the insurance system, we may provide, register, or receive your personal information to/with/from the General Insurance Association of Japan or other non-life insurance companies, etc.

  3. We may provide your personal information to re-insurance companies, etc., in order to conclude re-insurance agreements or receive re-insurance proceeds (including the provisions of personal information from re-insurance companies to other re-insurance companies).

  4. We may provide your personal information to our group companies and partner companies, and they in turn may announce or provide information on their financial products, etc., to you.

We do not use sensitive private information, such as health, disease or medical care information, except in cases where the information is used for the limited purposes permitted in accordance with the Art.53-10 of the enforcement regulations of the Insurance Business Law and where the use of which is required for the operation of our business or in any other cases where we regard the use of such information to be necessary.